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Fuse block relocate

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Total removal and relocate. Anybody done/tried it?


I did on mine. Will post pics soon. Pretty straight forward for me, but then again my truck is pretty well stripped of all non essentials including a heavily modified/cut down electrical harness.


I guess what I'm saying is don't attempt it on your daily. :laugh:

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8 hours ago, ftpiercecracker1 said:

I did on mine. Will post pics soon.

I'm interested in this. After spending multiple afternoons upside down messing with the fuseblock in current location (and throwing out my back pretty badly) I would love to move it somewhere more accessible. So please post up all the pics you have and describe how much fun it was!

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Sorry about the poor lighting.


I know, it looks like sh*t, but hey everything works as it should and the truck runs fantastic sooo.:dunno:


There are two main grounds. The big one runs through the fire wall and connects to the block. I believe right where battery ground connects. The other is the body ground, it comes off the fuse block and is screwed to the cab body just behind the seatbelt.


The main power runs through the fire wall, to a HD 80amp fuse, then to the starter, which is also where the battery connects.


Ive modified this fuse block such that 4 slots are keyed power. Keyed power comes in on one slot, power goes out to guages, radio and one other one that i can't remember. 









A bisected PVC pipe makes a tough wire channel, screw in conduit clamps hold it in place.





Found this connector during a junkyard walk.  It replaces the original 3 piece bulkhead connector/fuse panel. Everything is sealed up real tight and it uses a clamping lever to pull and hold the two halves together.


This plug has about 30 individual connections. I just depin the whole connector and reuse the pins. Unusually i try and get two or three identical connectors incase i need a spare pin.


It has three huge wires (10-12ga?) I use for my dual electric fan relay, quad headlight relay and blower pwr


4 medium wires (14-16ga?) O2, fuel pump, running lights, can't remember.


The other 23 are (18-20ga) and are used for all the other light duty stuff associated with engine sensors/management, relay tiggers and such.









My setup for blinkers and hazards. Just a short wire to pickup power and two flat blade receivers. They are velcroed into place ATM.




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