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My project '88 SWB pioneer

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I did an introduction elsewhere on the site and have now decided to make a project out of this thing. I will update as I get things done. Not going to be anything special but it will be a "Florida" manche with no rust!!!


My Son bought it thinking he would make a trail rig but had a new baby and didn't have time for this so I bought it from him. As he got it:

Image Not Found

Image Not Found

PO had removed the seat, carpet & rear window :nuts:


As I got it from him:

Image Not Found

Image Not Found


Put a new fuel pump in and made it run!! :D

Tranny's shot!! :mad: Did a tranny - t/c swap and now it moves!! comanche.gif

Called a local jy and found out they had one to look at. Jackpot!! Got a seat, rear window, marker light and a "Monster" rear bumper!!

Put the seat & rear window in it. Now it's dry and I can see where I am going!! jamminz.gif

Need to clean up and repaint the bumper and then recruit some weightlifters to help install it.

Image Not Found

Image Not Found

Image Not Found

Image Not Found

Plan on licensing it soon and take it for a spin at speed to see how it rides and what else I need to fix.

Hope to put on different wheels / tires soon - 31 x 10.5's probably.

Completed the wheels & tires this past weekend. JY wheels and 31x10.5-15 tires. Might do a small lift but do not have any clearance problems as is.

Image Not Found

Image Not Found


Will keep posting with progress / pictures. This club is great!!

Got my stickers from Pete today so now I have something else to do!!


Rich (winger)

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