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Alternator Upgrade

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The '89 used a GM CS-130 alternator. Those came in two or three different physical case sizes. I found out the hard way when I had my alternator rebuilt for my '87. I wanted to upgrade from an 85-amp to a higher output, and the guy found that the higher output requires a larger case. I was committed at that point, so I went ahead. If I had it to do over, I would go to AutoZone and get one of their new-manufacture Gold alternators and have a lifetime warranty on it.


You should have no problem going from a 100-amp to a 120-amp. I don't think you can go higher than that due to space limitations.


Keep in mind that in 1989 the 100-amp was the high-output option. If yours can't handle the heater and the turn signals, either your alternator is failing or you have other electrical problems.


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