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any of you canucks here have any experience with the APN header? how bout the shipping of the APN header? i know there are a lot of guys on NAXJA running them and swear by them. they appear to be a quality product, and they're much cheaper than the competition. just wondering if they're still cheaper when they come across the border and land at your door.


http://www.automotivepartsnetwork.com/s ... duct=20009

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The APN exhaust header is a great upgrade to what we all know is an inferior stock design. With quality welds and stainless steel construction, and VERY close design to the 300+ dollar Borla header you can't go wrong. If installing on a post 98 the front header tube needs to be dimpled slightly for clearance of the intake runner.

I have one sitting waiting for my stroker motor for my MJ and have installed it on my XJ and i am very pleased.

There is a slightly deeper exhaust tone when installed which I kinda like. jamminz.gif


The folks at APN are great peeps and will take care of you on shipping to :Canadaflag: avg. 20-30. shipped.

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