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This looks familiar but couldn't find it when I searched so thought I would give this guy some praise here. 99 front, bobed bed, custom tail lights, tires...oh you want to see it

http://www.pavementsucks.com/forums/vie ... opic=94770


That would be mine


Thanks, Glad your diggin it. She still looks excatly the same. I haven't been working on it much. Trying to get the Chief that I'm working on done so I have something to wheel for the winter.



I didn't do any kind of detailed write up on the bed bob. I just took a 7" section out between the tail lightt's and the wheel well and pieced it back together and notched the lower section under the tail gate so I could still use the tail gate. If you would like I can take a couple pictures for ya if it would help.



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Not to hijack or nothing, but 1999MJ, I know this is a MJ site, but how's the J truck coming along?



I ended up parting out what was left of the J truck. To many projects and not enough time. I may end up getting another one somewhere down the road.

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