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start of a trail...

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saturday spent a little time working on the beginnings of a trail. it won't be anything special but it'll give me a place to flex out and relax some... :lol: plus i can take it to the pond to do a little fishing. i've already hauled about 5 loads of wood outta the trench and still have another load or 2 yet to move.





gotta work on the bump stops as the 35's are stuffed a little to much..this spot wasn't bad.









it aint much but its got potential.. :D


took the TJ through tonite...wasn't as fun since it still had street tires on and the 10" rims made it hard to turn..hehe the difference in stability between the MJ and TJ is crazy. with the exception of having to back up to make the corner the MJ handled better!! jamminz.gif

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