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ZJ Discs on Chrysler 8.25, mounted under the Manche!

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Well, I done it now!


It took about 1/16" total reaming of the axle tube hole. I used a 3" cut off wheel to do the job. The flange bolt pattern and bolt sizes are the exact same between a 8.25 and a D35C.


I also have the axle under the truck, perches aren't welded, going to wait till the drivetrain is in to do that, so I get the correct pinion angle. I'm going to hopefully have the front axle under it by mid-day tomorrow (If I'm still around), or possibly later tonight, and then I will get the drivetrain in, and work on getting the rear driveshaft (probably just do a mock-up for now) so I can burn the perches in and then paint the bare metal before WNY climate takes hold of it with scaly brown stuff...


Here's the pictures to gawk at!






Anybody need drum backing plates and hardware (near new shoes) for a 8.25?





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Looks good. I would do the same thing, but I have the D44 axle in my MJ.

I still might swap on discs but it's nowhere near as easy.


I have a couple of 27 spline 8.25" axles I will be pulling from the XJ's I parting out. If they were 29 spline ones I might use them because they are so simple to set-up with new gears.

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