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8.8 information

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I have a question about which 8.8 is the correct one to get. I am looking to get one with disc brakes. In my search I have found many from many from 6 cylinder engines but not so many from 8 cylinder engines. Is there a difference in the two? What should I be looking for is basically what I am asking?

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Great place for 8.8 and 9" info ;)


No information on the swap itself though.


EDIT: swap information too: http://members.cox.net/rough-riders/tec ... rd8_8.html



if you want discs then look for a Explorer '95-01, as these are the ones with the disks brakes. '91-94 axle assemblies are just as strong, but have 10" drums (Which are more easily connected to your existing hydraulic lines and Parking brake cables)
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