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Running with the AC compressor disconnected

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I'm in the process of rebuilding the HVCA on my 88, R&R the Heater core and evaporator. I'm on a bit of a time crunch to get the truck reassembled. Since I won't need AC where I live for another 5 months, can I leave the compressor lines disconnected and still run the Jeep without damage. I'll cap off all the fittings to prevent contamination...


I would think as long as I disconnect the clutch control, the compressor pully should always just free spin. This way I can drive the truck and clean/replace the AC system components at a later date.

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Um, yes. I would bolt it up anyway just to not have them lose, without a charge it will not engaged the compressor. There is a pressure switch that will only allow the compressor to run once there is enough pressure from Freon in the system .
The other reason I’d bolt it up is to keep the lines and system clean but I guess you could leave it lose but plugged up. As long as the compressor and clutch are there to run the belt it will not matter if the rest of the ac lines are there or not, far as the mj running and driving.

I think the late 80s and early 90s mj xj have valves on the compressor for charging the system, I am not sure if you can close off the compressor from atmosphere/open lines with those valves or not

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