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trailer wiring

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is there a nice plug in kit to do the flat 4 wire trailer wiring on our MJ's? If not, what's the best place, and the right wires, to splice, to get'r done?








lol. I like my wiring plans...you still need to know what to splice, BUT you don't have to cut into your factory harness. go to the jy and get the chassis harness to tail light harness connector (which is behind left tail light or dead center from the rear of the bed about 1 foot in is the connector on the other ones) from a junk mj. get both ends of it, remember to leave enough wire to splice together. then you splice the two wired ends of the connectors together with your trailer wires too, disconnect the connectors on the truck, and clip the junkyard connectors in. essentially it makes a "disconnect" trailer harness that's 100% removeable and thus doesn't harm your OEM harness at all.


sorry if the explanation doesn't give you a mental picture of what I'm talking about..

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no, it makes sense -- thanks for taking the time. So from a 4-flat connector, what wires splice into what from the truck wires?

The MJ doesn't use dedicated amber turn indicators like the XJ, so the wiring is completely compatible with the 4-wire simple, basic trailer connector. No logic box needed, just a straight splice. I did mine on the left side, near where the wires feed the left side taillight. I don't recall which color goes to which on the trailer connector, but it's not hard to trace.

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