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Weld on steering box stiffener/OEM spacer replacement

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Seeing if theres any interest out there,

I have made a stiffener/repair brace for the MJ/XJ that I feel would be a good upgrade for any one who needs one.


Cut from 3/16 plate steel,  it has three steering box mounting holes drilled. And the two OEM factory flanged holes have been exposed for another surface to be welded to, and to still be able to utilized for extra areas to mount hardware for your offroad bumper brackets 


As for the spacers I have used dom tubing reamed to a .625 ID to ensure zero play of the hardware. 


I still need to have the spacers welded on.

I figured $80 CAD + shipping (which is currently $62 USD +shippingwith the exchange rate)




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I'm currently making frame stiffeners and kinda making this same thing.

I'd suggest to you to have these wrap under the bottom side of the frame rail too
The frame cracks a lot right there.

When I was designing my stiffeners I covered a lot of this area...

Another thing I'd suggest, that I'll do, is make the steering box holes, where the spacers go, as big as the outside diameter of the tube. So you don't hsve to center the tube over the bolt hole, it's already centered when you drop the tube in the plate.

And price isnt too bad. I'd see if they fit in some kind of flat rate box.
Shipping across the border might suck. I know it does for me. Maybe find out generic shipping cost and add that and round up in your price. Easier than figuring everybodys shipping.

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