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4.5" of lift with 33x10.50s?

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unbolt it and if you plan on running an empty frame and don't care about looks to much use exhaust hanger or rope or something to keep the neck of the tank about the tank. also check the brake booster if you have one as it helps braking under loads. as far as traction goes, well imagine this. my friends 92 sanoma w/ 4.3 5sp would chirp into third, put on a flat bed and can do brake stands in third.... well used to be able to :cry: he traded it for a 93 toy and the chevy was totaled :headpop: :mad:

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oh to answer your question, if your running boggers in 4wd i wouldnt worry about spinning in the mud just be careful around trees because if your rears go into a tree you go into the steering wheel. (been there done that.. a couple times)


haha thanks for the tip. I'm currently looking for an MJ for sale, something for pretty cheap that runs decent. Then i plan on makin some tube doors, takin out carpet and herculing the interrior, lift, tire, locker, snorkle, ect.


I had a 89 comanche sport a few years back..man do i regret selling it(had to for carpooling to school and places). So i got a cherokee thats lifted and pretty sweet now, but I'm ready for my true love again, an mj. The MJ would be for offroad only and id tow it.

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well where are you located? cause there is an 87 4.0 4x4 bed is toas and same with cab but hes asking 450 and it might be high but if your putting in tube cage then who cares about cab corners and small holes in the frame. is in chicopee mass like 20 mins from connecticuit

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