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speedometer fix

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I/m not sure, I know the tcase end comes out by one bolt, and then a good tug job.


The speedo end, I pryed the plastic part away, but i think I broke the plstic part doing it... :roll:


I went electronic anyways, so I could care less... :D


Just be careful on the speedo end.

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I'm at the speedo end and i am having a hell of a time i have got down to where you can see the blue plastic piece where everything screws into and i can see where there is a plastic clip like thing behind the rpm gauge that has to be popped out and i don't know how to take off the rpm gauge without hurting it...i need some serious advice!! 8)

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yeah i know but my question is how do i remove the rpm gauge to get to it?

You don't. There is NO need to remove the tachometer to get at the speedometer cable. The speedo cable is a push-on connection to the speedometer head. You squeeze the two sides of the white nylon retainer and the cable comes right off the speedo.

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