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Porsche 911/912 Interior Lights

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Like in most of our rigs, the crappy OEM French Renault interior lights were rotted out and crumbling in my truck. They are no longer available, and when I saw someone purchase a used set on Ebay for close to $100, I thought there had to be a suitable substitute that looked nearly like the original. I had some VW Beetle lights in mine, but they just didn't look right. I saw a used pair of Porsche 911/912 Hella original chrome shell interior lights on Ebay, and picked them up for about $20. You can also find these same lights with a black metal shell, but I preferred the original chrome. jamminz.gif They are well built, all metal with a glass lens, and look very similar to the MJ originals. They are three-way too, and rock front-to-back verses the Renault units that rocked top-to-bottom. Here's a pic of the front before installation.



And the back. Notice the simple spade connectors, very easy to wire.



Here's a pic before preparing the hole. Using a Dremel tool, just edge it out about 1/8" all the way around, test fitting the lamp until it's right.



Cut off the original connector, crimp on three female spade connectors on the wires, wire it up, do a smoke test, then pop it into the hole.



I thought it came out pretty well, even though it's not original.


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