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timing chain cover torque for non 1/4'' bolts

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Hey Everyone,


Having trouble finding the torque for the 5 bolts that are not 1/4" on the timing chain cover. This is for my 1988 4.0 comanche


3 alternator bracket bolts (weird shoulder bolt stud combo)

1 bolt that goes in under the water pump (less weird shoulder bolt)

1 bolt that helps support the AC bracket


Thanks in advance


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So i think what Wounded_Fighter was saying is to torque all to the 1/4" spec of 60 in-lbs and my concerns about the sealing surface are the same with the difference in torque.


However i agree with yah Jeep Driver the torque difference is much greater on the larger bolts. which leaves me in the same exact spot with the same questions.


I'm probably worried about insignificant bs here so i guess ill just call it a day and torque everything on per bolt diameter and thread pitch specs.

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Side note i !@#$ up during my change of the cam shaft sprocket and pulled the cam shaft out a little. Prior to starting the swap i set everything to top dead center with the timing marks aligned. Head / lifters / oil pan are all removed at the moment for my overhaul


I should be fine if i re inserted the cam shaft then aligned cam shaft pin to the sprocket and alignment marks right? i was able to visually verify the cam is correctly engaged. Probably best to just double check the timing once i get everything back together. 


I also noticed the brand new chain i put on has about the same slop as the old one i took off... wtf


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