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Transmission Knock

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Had a new clutch slave cylinder installed in my AX15 and went ahead and replaced the clutch while they were at it. Now, it's got a very slight knock when I first fire it up and at low RPM it's got a intermittent knock coming from what sounds like could only be the transmission (behind and beneath cab, not from engine compartment). Drives great, just put 500 miles on a road trip, but sounds pretty rough.


Any ideas on what could be causing it?

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They could have done a lot of things wrong.  Might be a bolt backing off the flywheel or pressure plate, might have broke a finger jamming it together, might have put the wrong pilot bearing in and the input shaft is flopping around, might have forgot to tighten up a bellhousing bolt, might have put something together wrong in the tcase shift linkage, exhaust, or transmission mount, or whatever else.


Take a look for yourself first, but you paid to have work done so I would take it back to them.

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