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Clunking Noise

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Ok installed new a new axle, gears, shafts, brakes, calipers, rotors, ball joints, shocks, control arms, u joints (both drive/axle shaft), steering etc etc etc. Basically only thing old is the unibody. 

The problem I'm having is I'm getting a grinding noise that seems like its going away with pressing the brakes but its hard to tell. I jacked up the front end, removed tires, re torqued everything down and spun the wheels but nothing. Not a sound. Opened the diff to check the gears and they still look new. No metal in the fluid via magnet and squishing the fluid around in my fingers. Pulled the front drive shaft but no dice. The pads look good and the rotors arent warped. Shocks are nice and tight top and bottom. Even went through all the steering except the upper track bar bolt. Looking for suggestions. Its a banging/grinding noise. Only thing I can think of is the exhaust but it sounds too deep compared to the tin can rattle. 

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Will do. I had part of the wooden handle on a steel brush shoved in there until I get time to cut and reweld the exhaust hangers. Never put it back in. I'm gonna be sooooo pissed if thats whats causing it


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So no dice on the exhaust. I have after market control arms with the heim joint ends and starting to think they're the problem. Can't remember the name of the company just remember they're pretty well know for having bad shipping times. Anyway the axle side brackets on the uppers always seemed like there was way too much of a gap but not sure if that would make it sound like something in my truck bed is rolling around but in the front axle.

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