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Im a traitor

Kenosha Warrior

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new wheeler joined my stable. 1995 Taco SR-5.

5spd, ext cab. red. $800. 3.4 v6


and a 1980 CJ-7 4.2/T-177/D-300.


And a new job as a jewelery engraver.



Schweet digs, and Ive still got the MJ for sale, have a guy looking to take her as a daily driver. $900. I'm sticking with the Taco for the next little while, the CJ I snagged for $300 but needs some parts put back on it. Taco first, then my old man said I can grab the CJ as a winter project. Should be pretty sweet. Then in the spring I'm trading the Taco to a friend for his 4x4 87mj that we're putting a 4.5L/AX-15/242 into along with its fact D44 rear. Should definately be cool.

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