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Wiring running lights on a 97 xj swap!

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Well I need some help figuring out how to wire these running lights... I have a 1990 mj that I am about 90% done with a 97 swap just basically buttoning up all the small issues now. I have the drive train and dash with harnesses out of a 2001 xj I left my mj rear harness and have been plugging wires figuring out what goes to what and have narrowed the majority of it all down I have my stop lights reverse lights brake lights and turn signals but for the life of me I can’t seem to figure out how to wire these damn running lights from the 2001 dash harness to the rear mj harness I wish now I would have just ran the xj harness back I feel as if it would have been less headache but yet here I am I know the mj “running lights” are the blue wire on the oval connecter and the br/YL wire coming off the xj dash harness is the equivalent to the xjs running lights but how is it supposed to be wired I tried running it off of the drivers and pass her sides but it just keeps popping fuses I need help! Pics of the truck where it started and where I’m at! 











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Very nice truck.  As for wiring the rear it would have been way easier to run new wires.  For mine, I basically took the stock XJ taillight harness, cut the wires, and extended them.  This left me with the top bulbs as running lights, the middles as turn signals, and the bottom reverse lights.  And both the top and middle bulbs were brake lights.  Basically exactly like a 97+ XJ.  


Here is the link to the post last time this was asked.  In my response (second post in) you will find the link to the original post with the wiring colors.  It's at the header panel but the info in those two threads may help you out. 


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