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  1. My recent 97 swap shinangins! 4.5 inch lift up front soa rear full 97+ swap soon to be a winch bumper (if I ever have time after work to actually weld it all together)
  2. Well I need some help figuring out how to wire these running lights... I have a 1990 mj that I am about 90% done with a 97 swap just basically buttoning up all the small issues now. I have the drive train and dash with harnesses out of a 2001 xj I left my mj rear harness and have been plugging wires figuring out what goes to what and have narrowed the majority of it all down I have my stop lights reverse lights brake lights and turn signals but for the life of me I can’t seem to figure out how to wire these damn running lights from the 2001 dash harness to the rear mj harness I wish now I woul
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