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Project Mabus

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Not sure how to start this off but here goes...

I got the jeep bug a few years ago when I bought a beat up ZJ to make a mild off road/project rig. Loved that thing but it was totaled outside my house at 3 A.M. by a drunk teenager. So that and a few other things led me to this little gem...lol

Found it on CL locally and decided to go take a look. It was love at first sight. I didn't care that body was rough as long as her under carriage was good. Plus I didn't want to buy a clean one as I plan to get it dirty and scratched up.

It seemed to be maintained well and loved very much.

It's an 86 x,4x4, long bed, auto, turd.8, buckets, 2" lift, amc 20, 4.10







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I was hoping to get some input on an easy way for me to access the spare.

I was thinking of fabbin something to straddle the tailgate and bolt it to. High enough to be able to stick my hand through center of wheel to open tailgate.


What do u guys think?


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Had some old fabric material laying around so decided to wrap the storage lids.

Think I'm gonna put a 3 gal tank in driver front for some onboard air and convert a/c compressor to air pump, then later get bumpers for multiple air tanks.



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