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What in the world is this thing??

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So about a year ago I had noticed something different during my swap between the 86 and 96 Air box. The 86 had nothing and the 96 had a small box that went into the Housing of the condenser. I’m assuming that it controlled temperature? I’m not sure. I do know if it wasn’t plugged in the AC wouldn’t run though. So my question is, what is this thing (see picture) and how does it effect my climate! I currently have it zip ties under the dash but if needed I will drill a hole and put it back in the condenser housing! a13393f8db9ff3200b32c64b5e640809.heic2f412120f650151b33dc6a00b35c1863.heic6322e6a7f506ea13c644737efea6d3ff.png



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"An AC thermistor is a type of temperature sensor that is commonly found on modern AC systems. They detect temperatures and send a resistance signal to the AC control module so that the automatic adjustments can be made to keep the cabin at the correct temperature. As they are basically ambient temperature sensors, they can be found both inside the cabin and underneath the hood of a vehicle.

One of the first signs that an AC thermistor may be having a problem is that the AC will only blow cold air for a limited amount of time. If an AC thermistor is not operating properly, it cannot alert the computer of the cabin temperature. Therefore, the module will not be able to activate or deactivate the AC so that the correct temperature can be achieved. This may cause the AC to blow cold air in short bursts, or only for a limited amount of time.

Another symptom of issues with a thermistor will be problems with the blower. Some blower motors use the signal from the thermistor to control their operation. If a thermistor is giving improper, weak, or inconsistent signal, then the blower motor operation may be weak, erratic, or may not function at all. As the blower is what blows the air from the vents, any problems with the blower, caused by the thermistor or not, will greatly affect the AC system’s ability to cool the cabin."

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