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Heater A/C control panel mod wiring help

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I'm doing a double din mod on the MJ we are restoring and we are using the electrical system from a 93 XJ. The issue is we can not use the heater a/c control panel due to how deep that control panel is. So we are using a control panel from a 1999 XJ. The problem with that is we have 3 wires left after hooking everything up. Do these wires need to be plugged in somewhere or can they be deleted? The plug is highlighted in the photo and the wires with no home are the B,D and E wires. E is part of the C43 circuit and there is a C43 wire that is being used in the 1999 control. I'm assuming those left over wires were used in the old setup to... turn on the compressor when in defrost or something like that. The 2nd photo is the 1999 pin layout. I have reached the limits of my understanding with reading these diagrams and blending different systems together.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

1993 pin photo.jpg

1999 pin out photo.png

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To clarify, the three wires are in the chassis harness, not pigtails from the WJ control panel?


That diagram is from the 99 WJ manual. Have you looked at the corresponding diagram from the 93 XJ electrical manual?


Something doesn't make sense. Your image is too small for me to read, and if I enlarge it the pixelation is still unreadable. But it looks like that connector has five wires, with letters. But your table of functions shows seven wires, and they aren't identified by letters. I can't do anything with what you've given us. If you have three wires left over, and there are only five wires, that means you have connected two wires to a panel with seven connections. What did you connect to what?

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