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Jeeper Creeper Rims and Tire - FREE- Albany GA


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You will need to pick them up if you want them. Albany Ga 31707


These were on the MJ when I bought it. Just pulled these off and replaced with a different set. Not much info on, couldn’t even Google them, 15x10, Tires are 31x10.5, tires do have some weather cracking on them, probably good for trail but I would not trust them on the road. 


Really not not interested in shipping, too much hassle and probably not worth it anyway. 


Has anyone ever since these before??


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2 hours ago, shelbyluvv said:

I'll take them if you can hang onto them. I will be back in Albany 1 Aug when I retire from the Corps and move back.

They will be waiting on you. Just gimme a shout when you get back. 

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