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a whole mess of issues fuel related

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A little backstory,

 I bought this 88 mj 2 weeks ago running very rough and inconsistent. I jumped online and did some of the preliminary steps by cruiser. cleaned connections etc. 

So far I have done a tune up, some front end work and fuel injectors...


The old fuel injectors were leaking gas bad and I had an inkling that it might be contributing to the truck running so poorly, Initially, after changing to the new 4 hole injectors the truck would not start, no matter what, took out the fuel pump fuse and unplugged the fuel pump connection, the jeep then hesitated but started. and it starts every time I crank it like this although it has a very high, unhealthy sounding idle. If I touch the connection to the fuel pump back together the jeep cuts out and will not start until the connection is taken apart. The fuel pump looks fairly new, but I'm wondering if the previous owner got an after market pump or something. the fuel filter is also new. Any ideas or recommendations?




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