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Fuel pump won't stay running

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Ok I've looked around and I've tried most things I've found but my fuel pump won't stay running unless I jump the relay. Any ideas on what it could be. Fyi I have yet to find the ballast resistor so I don't know how you delete that but I believe that it's been deleted.

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The ballast resistor should be on the driver's side inner fender, inside the engine bay. It looks like this:



You can tell from the picture that this one (I believe off a Renix) is closer to the front of the engine bay (the spring in the lower right corner of the photo is the hood latch) but on my '91 MJ and '92 XJ (both HO's) the resistor is up closer to the firewall. It's typically bypassed just by connecting those wires together.


It would be helpful knowing what year/engine you have, as the electrical systems are very different between the early Renix Jeeps and the later Chrysler HO's. The initial few production runs of Renix MJ's didn't have a ballast resistor either, it was only added later on as customers complained about the noise the pump made.

it would also be helpful knowing what steps you've taken towards solving this problem as we'll all be asking to start over at the basics. Such as have you tried swapping the fuel pump relay with a known good relay to eliminate it as an issue?

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