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Factory Front Skid and SWB Gas Tank Skid, $75? Chattanooga, TN


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Honestly I don't know what to ask for these so I'm just putting a number up. I sold my MJ and have these parts left over. I don't want to ship due to size/weight but I also don't want to see them go to waste.

If you'll ship the tank skid at least, I'd be very interested.

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On 2/7/2018 at 12:08 PM, jbain said:

Ok m 8 hours away but I need to figure out a way to get these.

Sorry I haven't logged on recently. 


I still have both of these sitting in my garage. If I can find a big or sturdy enough box, I can ship them but I figure it will cost a bit. The front skid is especially heavy. 


my email is timrcb (at) gmail.com. 

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