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8.8 discs

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i'm about to put a 8.8 out of a 94 explorer (at least that's what i was told it is) under the rear of my MJ. it currently has drums. i have 35's and want discs for better stopping power. i found a 96 crown vic in a JY nearby with discs i need.

my question is this: will my MJ prop valve work with discs in the rear? or will it @#$% it all up?

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I'm pretty sure you need to put the 8.8 rear axle under the comanche for the discs to work.


and it's 96 or 97 on up explorers that have the right one.


what? i already have an 8.8. it has drums, i'm going to put 8.8 discs on the 8.8 i have to have discs all four corners. i'm not putting the discs on my 35. i'm just wondering about the prop valve.....

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yes, the prop valve will function fine.


it's the brake master cylinder that may not hold enough to work well...the drum brakes require decidedly less room for excess fluid in the fluid reservoir.


you won't have any problems hooking it up.


and no, I didn't know you had an 8.8 in it already...so that's why I made my point :D glad to know your'e not puttin these on a 35 :D

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lol, i figured either you thought i was gonna try to put 8.8 discs on the 35 or it was a dig because you somehow knew how long the 8.8 has been sitting in the garage waiting to go under. as in "the brakes won't do you any good on the axle sitting on the floor" :cheers:

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