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8.8 parking brake

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Alright I know i've asked a few people about this before, but for those of u with an 8.8 - what the heck did you use for your parking brake. 4 years without one, I think it's time I figure something out...? :roll:


I wonder if I could just mickey mouse it at the hardware store? Hmm..


Oh yea - I have the attention span of a 7 year old, so pics are definetly welcome!!

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I think i'll order a new one from summit... I need the springs and little peices from a JY too :roll:


Any idea how long I should get for a longbed?




Hey ping pong, any word on that bumper?

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Set of Lokar clevises for sale over on NAXJA, if you're interested:






Wow thanks man! :cheers: Although it looks like those have to be mounted on the parking brake line:




I think my first option is to head over to a junkyard and see if I can wrangle up all the parts I need (I need EVERYTHING :roll: )


Does anyone know if this kit will work (it's designed for a floor mounted parking brake?):




More info: http://store.summitracing.com/partdetai ... toview=sku

The same guy on NAXJA has this set of cables for sale :cheers:

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