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3" Lift questions

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I have been lurking around here for a couple of months getting good info from old posts and such, now its time to start asking questions.


I picked up an '86 Comanche X with the 2.8(soon to be 3.4) and I seem to have most of the bugs worked out of it except for the steering. It is very touchy compared to anything else I have driven before.


I bought this from the back lot of a used auto place they were selling it as a parts truck. The previous owner had installed a 3" lift. From what I can tell the only parts that were installed were shocks, springs(aal in the back)

and sway bar drop brackets.


Now for the questions.

#1 For a 3" lift do any other parts need to be changed other than the ones mentioned above. If so please list and possibly some sources for these parts.


#2 What length trakbar is needed for a 3" lift so I can figure out if that was changed yet?


#3 Where can I get extended sway bar links so I can get rid of the drop brackets and fit my factory skid plate where its supposed to be and not in the back yard? (don't need disconnects as i won't be doing any rock crawling or such just the occasional trip up in the woods for fire wood)


You can tell the lift and the tires have been on for a while with no unusual wear pattern on the tread so I don't think the alignment is all that bad.




Thanks in advance for any info. :chillin:

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Check the brake hose length (my '86 was fine but the '85 XJ wasn't) Used stock tracbar (can be relocated)


No idea on the swaybar stuff. I have 5 1/2" front coil with a tracbar and lower arms, plus shock extenders and brake hoses. Nothing else in front.

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