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Various XJ/MJ Parts - Ventura County, CA


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Hey all, I have a few items for sale, all offers are accepted, I'm just throwing prices so nobody gets angry with me lol. Pictures up later today.

86-96 Fenders and new Crown header panel: $150, crown header panel was 300$(did a 97 swap), and fenders are cut nicely and cleanly. One was pushed in slightly, but I pulled it out.

Hooligan Tube fenders with a custom Linex Job: $350, theyre basically new, just want to go another route. Linex costed like 100$ and the fenders were 400 + ship.

Factory Bumper with fogs and covers: 30$

Factory wheel well flares: 20$

factory spare: you can have it lol

Renix Flywheel: Make an offer, just a little rusty from a leaky hose, should machine right out.

MJ rear prop valve: no idea what these are worth, I deleted mine when I did a WJ swap.

Shoot me a PM if interested.

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