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8.25 swap driveshaft angle

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Just got my springs put in and set down the axle on jack stands. Looking at the angle of the yoke I'm a little worried. Maybe just nothing going wrong so far (slight difference in the welded perches but u bolts evened it out) has me paranoid. Anyone know the angle of the rear driveshaft on a stock truck? Mine feels like its pointing too far up. If it is how much trouble am I in with it being a LWB? Probably not a great pic but any suggestions on what to snap photos of to be sure let me know 

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Hopefully someone will chime in on what a factory long wheelbase has the rear pinion angle set at.


From a basic automotive engineering standpoint, you want the angle of upwards tilt on the rear axle to match the angle of downward tilt of the transmission or transfer rear output.  These two angles then cancel each other out.  This results in no driveshaft vibrations.  If the front and rear u-joints are at different angles it can result in vibrations.


This is for a normal driveshaft with a single u-joint at each end.


If you have a double u-joint at one end (usually the transfer case end), then you want zero angle at the pinion.  This is because the two u-joints on the double carden cancel each other out, and having an angle at the pinion end will result in vibrations. 


You can google "pinion angle" and look at images and see a bunch of images of what I'm describing.

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