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Heater control valve position with ac on. Also vaccum can questions

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The heater control valve, 92 4 liter.  Under the hood just next to the firewall.  Should it be up when the AC is on, or down?  I am talking about the little lever, next to the vaccuum hose on top.  I may have damaged the vaccuum lines when heating the metering valve to get the lines off.


Also do I need to have the vaccuum can thats under the bumper?  I just put the complete ac system from a 96 on mine, its cold but the ac blows out the defrost. The air came out the vents initially, then I put the heat on to purge the lines and change the coolant, now it only comes out the defrost.   I don't have the vaccuum can behind the bumper, it was deleted at some point and plugge.

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