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3.6 Penstar Engine Swap

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Anyone swap a newer 3.6 penstar into an MJ or XJ. I'm doing some research for a possible swap to run Jeepspeed. Looking for anyone or information on a standalone swap for racing. With the new 3.6 putting out 300+ hp and lighter then a 4.0 seems like a logical choice. At least on the surface. I'm sure the mpg and running pump fuel would be added plus. 110 octane at $12 a gallon at 3mpg is way expensive.

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Not sure its been done or not. It might not fit width wise either. You would probably have to run the entire donor vehicle wiring harness to make it work. Not sure if there is anything stand alone available for that or not. Would be an expensive swap no matter what you do though depending upon the cost of a rwd donor Grand Chreokee, Durango, Ram or if youre staying 2wd, Charger, 300, or Challenger.

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