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WJ control arm bushing replacement

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Hey guys. While rebuilding my front end/upgrading to a newer 2wd axle I decided to rebuild these WJ control arms I got a while ago. I didn't want to spend the money on the new Moog arms so I got some from a local part out and changed the bushings. I would first off like to say this is really just covering how I changed the oval bushing because it was an often asked question with no answer I could find when searching. But I will add all the part numbers for the bushings as well. The way I did this is no ideal at all, but I used what I had on hand and well... the bushings are changed. In my honest opinion, next time, I will just buy new arms. Changing these bushings was an absolute pain.


The part numbers are OMIX-ADA 1828306 for the lower control arm round bushing (I recommend shaving off a little bit of the taper. The bushing is SLIGHTLY too big) you will need two of these.

MOOG K3128 for the upper arms bushing. You will only need one of these if you're just doing the arms bushings. They're packed in pairs.



For the oval bushing use that. You will need two.



Now for changing the small Moog bushing it was super easy. Just use a ball joint press and boom you're done. The others? Well... with all of the adapters you need the press is too small to hold them all in the "C". So I had to get creative.

Remember on the oval bushing you leave some overhang on both sides, don't press it flush.



That is a 2×4 with a hole drilled out of it so the bushing will sit flat on the wood instead of pressing against the bolt hole which sticks out about a 1/2". With a 3" PVC pipe with a notch carved out for the ovalness of the bushing. And that big piece of metal? That's my Jeeps Tcase skid. It was a rugged process, could have easily been done with a hydraulic press and metal piping instead of PVC, but I had neither. If you're just a regular Joe like myself then here you go. Best of luck!

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Ya New Arms Are Cheap and Much easier to do then a bushing change and Can't remember the last

time I changed a bushing instead of the entire Arm and it was Probably on the front axle where

you have no other option then to change the bushing...


The is a Special spacer that your suppose to use to insert between the inside and outside to prevent

the tube from collapsing but I have never gotten around to purchasing it yet...

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I had looked into buying new arms before I bought the junkyard ones and Moog arms were about 250$ for the whole set. For bushings and arms I spent about 100$

Damn that's pricey for two arms, I just sold a pair of WJ front lower arms for $60 each CDN so roughly $40 each US

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