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"Vasi" a Comanche of The Month "For Sale" in Northern CA. asking 10K

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Life changes, and well so do our needs. After a back injury and retirement, and a growing family Ive decided to sell my beloved Comanche. Some will say I am asking too much, but look closely and if you want an expedition style Comanche this is well on the way.


I started with a 1988 Comanche Chief with a 4.0 Renix, AW4, and a Dana 44 stock rear end with limited slip.


I found a wildernest shell, and some rubicon wheels. I bought maxxus tires, originally 255 85 16, but eventually went down a size as they rubbed slightly.


The Comanche then went into rebuild mode. She was stripped down and professionally repainted. Body in Jeep orange, and the interior floorboards, bed, bumpers and wilderness were covered in bedliner, as well as the bottom six inches or so of the exterior.


At the same time, Hanson bumpers were installed. the bench seat was rebuilt. I installed a 4.5" Lift kit with hell creek springs. These eventually proved to be too lightweight and a custom set of Deaver springs were ordered after we visited his shop.


In the rear, the truck has an aluminum box across the front of the bed, and a custom built step to enter the bed containing a house battery in a National Luna Portable Power Pack. Directly behind the step/battery box is a JK double slide from adventure trailer(2 level fridge slide. Upper slide for fridge, lower slide for partner steel stove. 500 lb rated lock in/out slides. (28.25" L x 15.625" W x 4" H) 03601806-70 , On top of this unit sits an Engel 45 Liter fridge / freezer.


The truck has had all the primary grounds replaced, added a primary fuse, using stuff from this guy http://www.kelleyswip.com 

At the same time I got a custom alternator by San Jose Generator at 140 Amps

I also placed a new yellow top optima under the hood. 


Mounted up front is a Warn 9500 CTI winch on the Hanson front bumper. 

On the rear is a custom built tire carrier and high lift mount built by Fletcher fabrication in Cloverdale, CA not he Hanson Rear bumper. 


Ive put together a binder with all the info regarding the upgrades and purchases. I know there is tons more. 


you can email me at usamedic@mac.com , if you prefer a phone call just email me your phone number


I have no need to sell at reduced cost as is, but would be willing to change the purchase price by negotiating items such as the winch, fridge, etc. I can use all of those on my full size build, or on my Scout. 









Forgot a couple things. All window rubber and door locks were replaced on the rebuild, as well as the rear window. 

Also, the AC was rebuilt and converted to current type, and blows very cold

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