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Injector trouble

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fired up my truck this morning to warm it up for work and noticed something leaking from the engine. popped the hood and saw fuel spraying from no. 5 injector. turned engine off and started it again, no spraying. went to work and came home to put new o-rings on injectors. before doing so i ran the engine to see if it was still spraying. no spray but small leak from no. 6 injector. installed new o-rings and when all put back together no. 6 injector was still leaking but this time onto the exhaust manifold and making lots of smoke, so i killed the engine for obvious reasons. frustrated and not knowing what else to do i packed up for the night. any suggestions? i need my truck for work and can't afford to take it to a shop. thanks in advance.

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Pay some attention to cleaning the injector ports in the fuel rail and the intake manifold.  They not only get dirty over the years but they corrode making a bad o-ring seal especially if you replace o-rings.  Don't use anything that will increase the size of the port only something that will remove the grime or you will have bigger leaking problems.  I've tried degreaser, vinegar and a fiber type brush on a Dremel type tool with some success.  Don't forget to clean the o-ring channel in the fuel injector too.

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