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swapped to tilt column now don't have intermittent ?

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Getting ready to sell my 88 Comanche, fixing little things and did a tilt column swap from a 88 Cherokee and NOW 

it only has med and high speeds for the wiper.

The other 'stock' column only had intermittent and high..?

Things like this is why I can't stand wiring.. What would be different?  The stalk (?) has the controller IN IT, or

the wiper motor itself?

Is there a wiper relay that could be affecting it?


Also, what I found when I got home with it was that the orig Comanche column's ignition switch utilized a PUSH rod whereas the TILT Cherokee uses a pull rod in the switch.

I had to swap all the guts from both switches down on the column to make it work (well, it did for a couple days. Then something happened that it won't pull it far enough to start..?)

I've got to pull the wheel off, horn ring etc to find out what's not letting it pull as needed. (yes, I've adjusted the switch itself..) But it's my daily and can't be down for more than a few hours it seems.

Can't have something break or ______ and leave me stranded.


Any help is always appreciated 


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Under the dash directly below the steering column there should be a black box with Velcro on it. that is the intermittent control box.  it is possible to by pass by connecting the plugs directly and excluding the wiper module.  Check to see if it is still there, its possible it was overlooked when you swapped steering columns.  those boxes are also temperamental i have 6 that don't work....


'Borrowed' from another site


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As stated, for intermittent wipers you need the wiper delay module box (just plugs in the harness under the column), a multifunction stalk w. the delay feature, and a wiper switch (p/n 56000032) w. the intermittent wiper feature. Perhaps you new tilt column is missing one or more of these parts. The non-intermittent wiper switch will not work as the internal switches are different and there are not enough wires for the intermittent function. You need seven wires to the delay module for intermittent wipers.



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