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Best Clutch Kit?

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Ditto, Luk Gold. I have 215k on mine.

It had a center force in it that still held good but the fingers were worn to the point that it was really hard to push the clutch in.

When I installed the Luk I put a new complete Oem master and slave setup in along with new throw out bearing and pilot bearing.

The clutch and flywheel I actually picked up used with 800 miles on it out of a wreck for $100.


It wasn't babied either. Knoxville TN to Winsted CT pulling a 1981 VW westfalia camper. Dale City VA to Winsted CT pulling a 1989 Comanche with no 1st gear in the 98 XJ that the clutch is in. 40k with no 1st gear.

Towing a half dozen or so XJ's and MJ's locally.

Plus wheeling it occaisonally.

Has 431k now on the original motor.

1st AX15 lasted 340k.

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