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No luck. Hard start and radiator blew

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So left the comanche parked for about a week. Come back and it won't start. No biggie battery probably died. Its old and needs to be replaced. So I jump it and it starts acting like it can't get any gas. I let it sit and try to prime the lines. Finally get it started and it dies as soon as I let off the gas. I rev it up a bit and it starts backfiring (sort of) out the air intake. I keep it at around 2500 RPMs until its some what stable. Leave it running for a few minutes then unhook it from my WJ. Notice a large pool of antifreeze on the ground where the RMS would normally leak it. Jump back in and try to start it but it turns over maybe twice and starts clicking at me. Jumped it again and got it into the garage and popped the hood. The lower radiator hose is leaking on the driver side. Fun times. I'm starting to see why they don't let us bring home grenades in the military. 

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Yeah the battery is toast but its probably 10+ years old. The thing that pisses me off is the radiator. I'm hoping when I was reving it the hose just popped off a bit from the pressure and it didn't crack. That and my fuel issue. I'm about to swap the old stock injectors back over. Nothing but issues since I put in the 4 points

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