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The problem with finding shocks for a lowered comanche is that nobody makes any. You will have to find ones that were meant for other vehicles.

I am using KYB monomax's for a 2wd f150 on the front, and they are very stiff, and the ride is very harsh. I would not recomend them for a lowered daily driven jeep, because all of the monomax options are for much heavier trucks, and the the ride quality will suffer. (although I drive mine more than any other vehicle :))

I would suggest KYB gas-a-just shocks, because they are availiable in many more lengths and end configurations, and they are not as stiff.

I did not find to many options in Bilstein 5100 series shocks that would work.



The shocks starting with KG are the gas-a-just FYI. Just pick out which ones have the right ends and length. It can be tedious.

Find a length where the shock will be in the center of its stroke at static ride height.


Hope this helps

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A lowered MJ is a street vehicle, so any decent brand and model of shock will be fine. IMHO that leaves out KYB. I had a set of the Gas-A-Justs in my '88 XJ for awhile. I couldn't get rid of them quick enough. They had little control over large bumps, and were extremely harsh over small bumps and pavement cracks. The '01 XJ I bought for my daughter came with KYBs in the front, and they were just as bad as I remembered them being. I'd go with Gabriel or Monroe. There are more expensive shocks, but those will do the job.


Link to the Monroe length specification charts: http://www.monroe.com/assets/downloads/english/MonroeMountingLengthSpecifications.pdf

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I put a couple calls into a couple techs at the shock manufacturers. Bilstein 5125 was recommended for my application and desired ride other than coil overs. Haven't pulled the trigger due to having to make some tweeking to the ride height due to motor and suspension components get to close for my taste.

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