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I'm new to the Comanche.

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I'm new to the Comanche. Don't have one yet. I'm wondering what areas of the vehicle should be bedlined for longevity. I know that the floor of the cab, the insides of the rocker panels, as well as both the inside and underside of the bed, should probably be bedlined. Also is it safe to put the bed on grass upside down or will it spread out, at least at the tail gate end.

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So what would you recommend for use under the carpet after all rust is removed if any is found, as paint only seems to last 10 years under carpet in NY?


Did they use a "tar" sound deadener under the carpet as well? We redid the floor of my dad's 2005 Scion xB this Spring because of surface rust, and the tar based sound deadener that Toyota used, like to stick to the surface rust better than to solid paint. It took a propane plumbers torch and a putty knife to get it out of the driver's footwell, which where the surface rust was, but I could remove most of the rest of it with my bare hands. We did remove the drain plugs and used the Rust-Oleum bed liner in a spray can, two coats in the back and three in the front, and reinstalled the plugs with silicone caulk around the lip, to keep the water and salt out from outside coming in.

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