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"pipe bending formula, length before and between bends"


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so i just bought an EZ Bend air-hydraulic tubing bender. i know how to make bends and everything with it but what i REALLY need to know and know how to calculate is where to set my bend, well set my die in my length of tubing to get my bend to come out where i need it to. i don't want to just bend a bunch of angles and them piece them together. 


kind of hard to explain what I'm asking for...


say i need a 90* bend 10" from the end of my tubing and then another 90* 20" outside to outside from that... 


I'm bending 1"x14 gauge tubing with a 5" die...


and how do i figure all this on 3/4"-2" dies?


I'm going to start building doors and bumpers for my side by side once i figure all this out... 


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have plenty of extra tubing. use your mess up peices and take a small chunk and make a "sample bend" for literally almost every bend youre gunna make. once you get good youll have a couple of them laying around or you just start to know. mark the sample bend up with where your start and stop marks are for the bender. hold it up to the truck where you want the bend and measure. its probably not the most "accurate way. but its how i do it.



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