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EGR valve test

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If I put a vacuum hose on the egr valve and suck on it should I be able to feel the diaphragm move with my fingers?(don't have a hand pump)  Having idling and poor driving issues and I have 15 in of vacuum to the EGR valve with the solenoid unplugged but the EGR valve does nothing. It doesn't move at all and whether it is hooked up or not makes no difference on how the engine runs.  I think it may be bad.  I took it off and cleaned the build up off of it and can manually move the diaphragm but it made no difference after cleaning.  They are very expensive don't want to buy one just to try it.



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Well if you need it for emissions then you need it working. here in Texas no emissions after 25 years old. So I just plugged it and took vacuum line off. I don't see it running warm my self with out it hooked up. N0x gas is what EGR is for!


The easy way to test is. idle the engine and push the diaphragm in by hand. you will notice that it is working or not. Once you know it is working when you do the manual test you need to test if vacuum is working to open diaphragm. hook it up directly to a vacuum on the intake while idling, you will notice it working or not. if it opens that means you may have to vacuum opening issues with the solenoid valve. could be not hooked up correct, bad vacuum hose, clogged vacuum hose or solenoid valve nothing working.


See the EGR does not always come on, and your ECM tells the solenoid valve to open and close the EGR.


I see no need for it, because it make lots of carbon build up on intake

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