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Worth buying?

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Hello guys! Well I am looking to buy an 1987 manche 2wd, 5 spd, swb truck. Its an i6 with 240k miles on it, and as the current owner says, it pass smog, which is like a pretty big deal around here; I live in San Diego.


Well the truck seems to be in good shape on the outside, he sended some pictures and I could see a very good looking little truck, good lines and everything, and hes asking 1400 for it, should I go for it?


I have a bit of knowledge already with the manches so far, since I currently own an 86 4 banger myself, but I always wanted a 6 cylinder one, parts for the 4 banger are getting harder and harder to come by, and seems like in every JY I go the stock for i6 parts is sooo high.


Thanks in advance!

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If the seller is in California, it is his responsibility to provide a smog certificate from a licensed smog station.  Is the truck you are looking at in California?  How far away is this truck from you?  Sounds like it is worth taking a trip to look at.  Then go from there.

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