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Looked that big....

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OK... so yeah I know what you were thinking...but it's a drum brake question. 


Were the D35 rears ever equipped with the 2.5" drum brakes. 


Yes, I thought well if they aren't I'll just swap over the other parts ( got a great deal on shoes)....

well now that I've looked further it APPEARS I'm being schooled again and the 2.5 shoes are

only on the D44 rears. 


Confirm, Deny or just point and laugh...

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I have never seen a D35 with the 10"x2.5" drums, but Bob Salemi from NAXJA, whose word I am prepared to accept, told me that he has seen them. If they do exist, they are extremely rare.


But you can't just buy 2.5" shoes and drums and bolt them onto a D35. The backing plates are different. I know because I tried it, and the drums wouldn't seat deep enough for the center portion to make contact with the hub flange. If you have the matching backing plates, it's a good upgrade. Without the backing plates -- don't waste your time, effort and money.

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Thanks Eagle.... it was a close-out on RockAuto... they have accepted the requested return. 


Kickinmule...it's easier to take when you just admit you messed up. Hopefully others will read and learn from my mistake. 


It's actually amazing to me if the 2.5" stuff is that rare that it is usually listed FIRST when you pull up parts for these trucks. 


Now to go stock the parts cabinet with all the other stuff I bought. 

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Parts places are retarded. The other day I needed a star wheel (adjuster) for the rear brakes of a 2001 Cherokee. The ONLY brakes used on the rear of the 2001 Cherokee were the Chrysler 9"x2.5" drums. So the parts drone calls up his computer and asks me if I have 9-inch or 10-inch brakes. I couldn't be angry at him -- he can't be expected to know every part on a 13-year old vehicle. But whoever programmed the store's computer didn't have a clue.

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