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ooooo that smell....

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So whereabouts is the factory ending of the vent tube on the Peugot? I guess it is time to extend mine up some I am getting a gear oil smell in the cab after cruising awhile.  :hmm:  I just changed the peugot's oil a few weeks ago and replaced tranny mount, the rubber on it was almost like jello from being so soaked in oil all these years.

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Yea the tranny mount was toast and I also replaced the motor mounts. Passenger side mount was completely separated. The truck feels way better now, driving very smooth with no clunking and shifting feels smoother. I probably do need a new rear main and to reseal my valve cover, just got new o-rings on my oil filter adapter while doing the motor mounts. Anyways next on the list is my badly cracked exhaust manifold now that I have the new mounts in.


I was just asking about the vent tubes because I read somewhere on here that the Peugot sometimes like to spit oil up out of the vent tube after using 5th gear for awhile. Mitche's theory is also quite plausible because oil kinda went everywhere while draining and filling that thing  :laughin:

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