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Shackles to boomerang or not??

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I'm gonna buy new shackles the last lift set I got from crown auto is destroyed due to my perches being welded on incorrectly so I'm gonna get new ones.......what you guys think about boomerang shackles on a comanche ? Necessary or not? Anybody running please give me some advice and pics if you got some






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I'm running boomerang shackles in my MJ. If you want any specific pictures I can grab some tonight when I get home.


They are not as necessary on a Comanche as they are on a Cherokee.

The Cherokees have a different shackle mount on the "frame" side. I had a straight shackles in the back of my Cherokee for a while and it would hit the back of the mount when the rear end dropped off rocks. With the boomerang shackles the leafs could flatten out more and the shackle didn't hit the mount anymore. 


That is just my personal experience with those.


Anyone else have stuff to add?

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Cool dude thanks I was reading a lot of $#!& and I got straight shackles now wanted to see specifically on an mj how they work out......I'm gonna re weld perches on so I can adjust the pinion angle back to zero when I install them trying to get my rear end situated lol

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