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2?s, rollor rockers and chain tensioner.

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Those of you who run the double roller timing set......


I see no tensioner specific to the double roller, just use a standard tensioner?





Also, who's running roller rockers? Which ones? pros and cons of a particular brand?


I'm considering these- http://www.summitracing.com/parts/csp-s40196/overview/make/jeep




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I'm also looking at roller rockers, making up my mind if the expense is worth the gain. Mainly to tone down the valve clatter from the stroker cam. And do not want the valve cover spacer crap to fit them in, so it will be a non-adjustable kit. Based on the below, I prefer the Yella Terra kit in spite of the extra cost. Good info over on the strokers forum:


"I've been running the 1.6 YT's for ~40k miles with aggressive cams and have been very pleased. Great quality stuff, fit and finish are excellent. I'm sure Harland Sharp are as-good or better but the non-adjustable's weren't available when I did my last build. I also feel like the cross-bars used to pair the HS rocker shafts seem like an after-thought, where the YT pairs are truly shaft-mounted and seem more robust/stable in comparison(no offense HS users). Of note though: the roller tips can be a bit noisy as they get some miles(or acquire healthy tolerances icon_e_wink.gif ), depending on your lifter preload. Tighter lash helps but isn't always ideal for cam wear. If your looking to quiet down your valve train these might not accomplish what your after. Hate to see you spend that $$ and be disappointed. I did notice crisper throttle response and slightly improved mpg on the highway, 1-2mpg. The higher rpm or bigger cam your running, the more they'll benefit. It's claimed they'll reduce valve-guide wear also, but I can't validate that yet, thankfully! If your looking for all the HP available in your setup, and don't mind the co$t, IMO they're very worth it. I just doubt they'll be quieter than your stock rockers though. Oh, and these can be very useful in dialing-in your setup if your super-OCD-anal like I tend to be."


If I do go, it will be the YT's. More reliability over the long haul. Still researching though...........

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