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Speedo cable end

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Looks like the internal cable broke.  You may have purchase new one.  You could get one from the JY.


When you order, make sure you specify if you have cruise control or not.  The cruise system has two pieces.


You should look for XJ cables.  Many auto parts stores and online stores sometimes don't reference MJs.


Also, make sure you select cable from 87-90.  In 91, the speedo went electric, not cable.

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Check your speedo itself.  Pull the gauge cluster.  Get a drill with a square tip bit.  Needs to be small.  Fire up the drill while looking at the speedo.  If it doesnt work, first reverse the direction of the drill.  If it still doesnt work, you need a new speedo.


Go back the JY and pull the full clusters from the parts XJs.


The system is pretty simple.  Three moving parts: gear, cable and speedo.

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